When you’re ‘blest’ with what our grandmothers would have referred to as “an abundance of femininity”, you might attract jealous comments from your A-cup friends, but the truth is life can often be a struggle!

Here are some of the issues that those of us whose cups runneth over can relate to:

1. Button up shirts that don’t

Anyone who has ever had a job in retail or hospitality that decreed staff must wear a plain white blouse will know the despair of trying to find something that doesn’t strain the friendship.

The stress of popping a button mid-shift and unwittingly putting the goods on display makes it necessary to do battle with safety pins for extra reinforcement, something which is never easy!

Tip: Invest in a minimiser bra, which will hold your gals a little closer to your chest.

2. Running is a pain

Not because your legs get sore, because of the bounce factor!

Nobody wants to be hit in the face by their own body parts just because they wanted to go out for a healthy jog! Lots of girls who are ample in the chest department avoid sports all together for this reason.

Tip: Get back on track with a sports bra that truly does the job, with hi-impact support and wide, soft straps to prevent that awful digging in feeling.

3. Strapless tops? Hahahahahaha….

Fashion isn’t always your friend when you’re a C cup and up.
Daring to bare in something strapless often ends up in you spending the entire night trying to hold your dress up with your armpits, especially if your bra isn’t up to the task.

Tip: Yes, bigger girls can find strapless bras that work. The secret is moulded cups and high-tech, gravity defying gripper elastic.

4. The case of the missing popcorn

Your flat chested friends never have this problem! One false move at the cinema and your popcorn has disappeared down a deep, dark chasm, only to be rescued by a lot of foraging or a good old ‘stand up and shake out’. How embarrassing!

Tip: A full cup bra gives you better coverage and less cleavage, reducing the risk of your boobs eating your snacks before you can.

5. Bikini shopping – ugh!

Oh to be able to wear those strappy creations! Unless you don’t mind the inevitable wardrobe malfunction, string bikini tops along with most of the other cute designs you find in the surf shops just aren’t going to cut it, especially when you’re out in the surf.

Tip: You’re all woman, and that’s ok! Invest in swimwear designed for a large bust that is strong, flattering and holds you up in all the right places and you’ll feel like a million bucks on the beach.

6. Attack of the quadboob

Two boobs, good. Four boobs? Awkward!

Bras that cut your breasts in half are uncomfortable and less than flattering, yet even some of the plus size options still do this if they are not good quality.

Tip: A t-shirt bra gives you that extra coverage, smoothing your cleavage and creating a va-va-va-voom silhouette.

7. Finding bras that make you feel like a goddess

Why is it that being plus size in the breast department suddenly confines you to black, white and horrible beige? Or that you don’t seem to be allowed to have fun with sexy, sheer fabrics?

Tip: Say no to Nana undies! Blest’s range of gorgeous balconette bras in sizes up to an L cup are hand-picked in a wide range of colours, cuts and fabrics to support you while making you feel like the beautiful woman that you are. We stock from global designers to bring you choice, choice and more choice.

Solve your big boob problems with Blest! We specialise in plus size bras that are elegant and comfortable. Search sizes 6 – 26, in C to K cup. 

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