Bras for Sagging Breasts, and Other Bra Tips for Older Women

‘Lingerie for older women’ typically brings to mind bland, utilitarian-looking undergarments. But stylish lingerie has no age limit! It’s true that there’s a dearth of older women in intimate wear advertising, but that’s a problem with the industry – not an indication of who can buy it.

Only seeing younger women model lingerie can make it seem like it’s not for you, but that’s absolutely not the case. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful! There’s no need to give up the lace and satin just because you’ve hit a certain age – you just might need to pay attention to different details to continue feeling your best.

Mature women have certain considerations to take into account, such as softer breast tissue, that affect how lingerie fits. Styles that worked for you a decade ago probably won’t work now. But that’s fine, because there is a huge variety of lingerie out there. You can find something else that’s just as stylish!

Let’s start with some tips on choosing bras for sagging breasts, since a loss of elasticity is inevitable with age:

Swap moulding for unlined bras

Whereas your breasts may once have been full and round, over time they will likely become shallower at the top. You may no longer fill out a moulded bra, which holds its curved shape even off the body.

If moulded bras gape, and moving down a cup size doesn’t work, try an unlined bra instead. They can be just as supportive, if not more so! Look for styles with underwire and multiple seams on the cup, which increases support. And because the fabric on these contours to your body, it’s more likely to lie flush against your skin.

Choose stretch-lace trims

Similarly, stretch fabrics eliminate gaping, because they cling to your shape. They’re less supportive however, so if you still want lots of lift and shaping, look for a bra that just has a stretchy trim atop a non-stretch cup.

Seek side support

Bras that are reinforced at the sides of the cup will bring your breast tissue front and centre – for a more projected shape. Look for a fabric ‘sling’ inside the outer edge of the cup, or cups with a vertical seam running from the base of the cup up to the strap.

Ensure the band fits well

A firm-fitting band can make all the difference when it comes to lift. Think of a bra like a seesaw – the front is carrying the weight of your breasts, so when the back rides up, the front droops down. A bra band fits correctly when it’s comfortably tight and lying horizontally across your back.

However, sagging is not the only change as we get older. Bodies gets softer, skin starts to wrinkle, and you may experience reduced mobility. Here are some other tips on choosing bras as a mature woman:

Pick wider bands

The narrower a band is, the more likely it is to cut in – especially on softer flesh. To maintain a sleek line, look for bras with a wide band. Not only is it more supportive, it will smooth out lumps and bumps.

Push-ups may be problematic

On firm breasts, a push-up creates a smooth ‘mound’. But when paired with less-full breasts and wrinkle-prone skin, they can make your bust crease more than anything else. A well-fitting, seamed bra will still offer plenty of lift without the need for push-up padding.

Try a front-fastening style

Front-closure bras are harder to come by than anything else I’ve suggested, but they exist and they’re the perfect solution if you struggle to fasten a bra behind your back.

You’re now well-equipped to find a great bra for your current shape! But remember, the best way to feel good in your lingerie is to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in.

Society teaches us that breasts should be round and perky. But they all eventually sag – it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of. If you only want bras that lift your breasts, go right ahead, but if you want to embrace your new body and wear an unsupportive bralette, that’s fine too.

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