Colour Theory 101 – Your Guide to pairing mismatched lingerie

Do you have draws of bras and undies that are missing their pairs? Are you sick of mismatched undie and bra combinations? Well, mismatched style can actually look great (and even intentional!) when done right, and we’re here to help.

Once you learn the basics of matching colours and patterns, mismatched underwear become a great opportunity to have some fun. Few women out there wear matching underwear everyday, so why not learn to mix and match like a professional? Once you’ve mastered a few basics, you’ll be praying for odd bras, undies and socks!

In this post, we’re going to show you the absolute basics of matching colours. Stay tuned for our next post in which we’ll tackle matching patterns.


Learn The Colour Theory Basics

The ultimate tool for pairing colours is a colour wheel, which helps us to identify which colours will look great together. If you’ve never learned the basics of matching colours, today’s the day!

We present… the colour wheel:

This colour wheel shows primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

Primary colours:  Blue, red and yellow (shown in the centre triangle).

Secondary colours: Green, orange and purple. These colours are made by mixing the primary colours in different combinations (shown outside the centre triangle).

Tertiary colours: Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green. Tertiary colours are made by mixing primary colours with secondary colours. They are shown in the outside wheel along with the primary and secondary colours.


The Basics of Colour Matching Using a Colour Wheel

Match primary colours

This one is simple. Match your reds, blues and yellows for a bold and vibrant look.

Match Complementary Colours

In colour theory, complementary actually means opposite. So, look at the colour wheel and pick a colour, then move your finger along to the colour opposite and you have found its complementary colour. Complementary colours of the same brightness and hue will always look fantastic together – popular combinations include purple and yellow, blue and orange and green and red (or pink if you want to tone down the Christmas connotations!).

Match Analogous Colours

This sounds a little technical, but it just means that you can match any three colours that are side by side on a 12 part colour wheel. The concept is that when you stay within one colour family, you can easily achieve harmony in your look. Using varying shades of colours in the same family creates a nuanced look that has is beautiful and visually appealing.

When it comes to mixing the colours of your lingerie, you can match the dominant colours of the garments or you can match the trim colour or bow of your bra to the dominant colour of your underwear (trust us, it will look really cute!). You can also mix solid colours with patterns for a look that is fun and vibrant –  but we’ll talk more about that in our next post!

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