Smoothing UW T-Shirt Bra

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Smoothing UW T-Shirt Bra

Product #FL4510

Our Smoothing Collection is a girl's best friend; created to provide shape and support under any outfit. You'll always look fantastic with this must-have.

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    Product Description

  • Foam moulded cups provide a completely smooth and seam-free look, perfect for fitted clothing
  • Specially designed mould gives a projected but natural shape
  • Softer finish simplex is used in the cups to provide a firm, supportive fit, with a soft handle
  • Soft touch lamination with natural cotton
  • Reduced cradle for lighter look, yet still providing a firm anchorage
  • Microfibre wing fabric provides comfort without loss of support
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    Recent Reviews

    Smoothing UW T-Shirt Bra
    Great shape
    By (23/07/2016)
    This bra is really great under clothes and it gives a lifted, flattering shape even in a larger cup size (10F). I fluctuate between an E and an F so have both sizes; when I'm smaller i do have some space at the top of the larger bra that i don't quite fill, but its really not noticeable so i can get away with it if necessary. Very comfortable too.

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