Hero Underwire Side Support Plunge Balcony Bra

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Hero Underwire Side Support Plunge Balcony Bra

Product #AA1841/AA1842

Freya launches it's first ever four section cup bra, offering perfect fit, forward projection and a lighter look.

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    Product Description

  • Four section cup with side support
  • Fully lined cup for greater support
  • Wider straps and hook and eye for great coverage and comfort
  • Powernet back to offer great anchorage
  • Semi-sheer bottom cup, with sheer top cup for lighter look
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    Recent Reviews

    Hero Underwire Side Support Plunge Balcony Bra
    Larger cup size
    By (16/03/2017)
    A beautiful bra with a well sized band but oversized cups for a HH, in my experience and comparison to ALL my other bras in this size.

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