Troubleshooting for bra fitting

So you have tried you bra on and it does not quite fit properly? Here are some common problems with easy fix solutions to help you get a bra that fits!

The back of your bra rides up or slips around as you move.

If this is happening, then this indicates that the back is too big. Chances are your bust is a bit saggy at the front too? If the back rides up, then the front will come down!
Solution: Try a smaller back size

The back of your bra cuts in & skin is bulging over the top

This indicates that the back may be too small. Solution: Try a larger back size If you change your back size, you may need to change your cup size e.g:10E cup = 12DD cup

There are wrinkles in your cups

The solution depends on where the wrinkles are….1. Wrinkles in the top part of the cup This indicates the cup size is too big for you as your bust is not filling it out.
Solution: Try a smaller cup size

Your straps dig in or leave red marks

Solution: Your straps may be taking the weight of your bust.Check that you are wearing the correct back size. (See above) • Try going down a back size. • Try loosening the shoulder straps or select a bra with broader straps. If the straps slip off your shoulders, try tightening the straps.
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