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Be Breast Aware

Being Breast Aware

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Elomi Lingerie - Bra Shapes Explained

When perfect fit and uncompromising support is everything, we know that it takes time and consideration to find the right bra shape for you.  Designed for the fuller figure, Elomi Lingerie have ensured that there is a bra shape to suit everybody and this guide is degned to help you find just that.

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Can I Wear a Bralette or Wire-Free Bra if I'm Full Busted?

If the 2010s are going to be remembered for one intimate-wear trend, it’s definitely the bralette. This low-support bra style has made waves in the lingerie industry already, and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.

But as a full-busted person, you may be feeling rather left out. Surely those flimsy little things won’t work for you, right? Well, they actually might – it all depends on what you’re hoping to get out of your lingerie. But first, let’s make sure we understand exactly what a bralette or wire-free bra is.

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How to Find a Strapless Bra that's Supportive and Stays Up

Hunting down a t-shirt or plunge bra that fits you like a glove is already hard enough. But trying to find the perfect strapless bra? That can feel like searching for the Holy Grail.

Strapless bras are no doubt some of the hardest to shop for, with common complaints being that they don’t offer enough lift or slip down through the day. But find a well-designed, well-fitting strapless bra and they can be highly supportive and stay in place!

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Bras for Sagging Breasts, and Other Bra Tips for Older Women

‘Lingerie for older women’ typically brings to mind bland, utilitarian-looking undergarments. But stylish lingerie has no age limit! It’s true that there’s a dearth of older women in intimate wear advertising, but that’s a problem with the industry – not an indication of who can buy it.

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Bras are all Important

Bras are necessary for every woman.

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Breastfeeding Milestones, A Step by Step Guide to What Bras You Need

When you find out your pregnant for the first time, you’re overcome with joy and excitement. However this can all change once baby arrives. You can suddenly become overwhelmed with sleepless nights and breastfeeding demands. Let’s not kid ourselves, breastfeeding is a combination of all things amazing AND some damn hard work.

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Maternity FAQ's

Q.  How soon should I be fitted for a Maternity Bra?

A.  Wearing a maternity bra in the early stages of pregancy is optional.  Many women prefer to wear a wire-free bra.  Most important is that a pregnant woman is fitted for a new bra as soon as there is a noticeable increase in size in the bust.  As a general rule this occurs around the third to fourth month of pregnancy.

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How Does Cup Size Affect Bra Size: It’s About More Than Just the Cup

For anyone who has ever headed into a fitting room to try on a bra, you know how difficult and sometimes exacerbating it can be to find a bra that fits properly and offers the support that you need. The reason that bra fitting can be an exercise in frustration, is that many women don’t understand how bra sizing actually works. More specifically, a number of bra wearers are in the dark when it comes to the relationship between cup size and band size.

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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for You, Your Guide to Great Fitting Comfort

Compression or encapsulation? Racerback or wide straps? Pullover of clasp? These are just a few of the options you have when it comes to choosing a sports bra.

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Seven problems only Blest girls understand

When you’re ‘blest’ with what our grandmothers would have referred to as “an abundance of femininity”, you might attract jealous comments from your A-cup friends, but the truth is life can often be a struggle!

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Colour Theory 101 - Your Guide to Pairing Mismatched Lingerie

Do you have draws of bras and undies that are missing their pairs? Once you learn the basics of colour theory, pairing mismatched underwear become a great opportunity to have some fun.

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Lady In Red

Five totally gorgeous red bras that are a must have for your wardrobe

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The New Trend Turning The Beauty World Inside Out

For too long, we’ve been reminded of the importance of inner beauty only as an alternative to external beauty. It's time to make a change!

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You've been doing it wrong! How to care for lingerie

Whether you are a fan of lace and silk or prefer things plain and practical, taking care of your undergarments means you can go longer without needing to buy them all over again. Here are some of Blest’s tips for getting the most out of your bras.

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Every Day Should be International Women’s Day at Blest Bras

Here at Blest Bras, we are passionate about all that is female - every day is international women’s day in our opinion! We would like to use this opportunity to share some of our favourite words of wisdom from strong, incredible women throughout history.

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How to choose a maternity bra

When it comes to your breasts, being pregnant is a whole new ballgame. You might notice the changes even before you’ve taken a pregnancy test - the tingling, the dull ache and the seemingly overnight increase in cup size.

Being pregnant is a long journey that can be full of discomfort, so it’s important to wear the right bra throughout.

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