Basic steps for bra fitting

First step to finding a good fitting bra is to know what a good fitting bra should look and feel like. A good fitting bra feels great. You don’t even know you have it on!

It is amazing the difference a good-fitting bra can make. Not only will you feel so much more comfortable, but you will also look great.

A good-fitting bra can make you look slimmer, improve your posture, and change both your figure and the way your clothes look.


The back of your bra should fit snugly and run horizontally around your body. If the back rides up, the front comes down! No-one likes a saggy bust!


Your bust should be enclosed within the cup not matter what style the bra is. Check there is no wrinkling and no bulging from the top or sides of the cups.


The underwires of your bra should sit flat against your body and not dig in. They should surround your bust and not rest on any breast tissue.

Shoulder straps

Your shoulder straps should be comfortable and not dig in or leave red marks.


Your bust should be supported and not ‘sag’. It should sit high and forward, not rest on your tummy or protrude sideways. The fullest part of your bust should sit in between your shoulder and elbow.
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