5567 Extreme Control Plus Wirefree Sports Bra

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5567 Extreme Control Plus Wirefree Sports Bra

Product #5567

You are looking for a good sports bra for big cup sizes? The extreme control plus sports bra, which was developed specifically for big cup sizes up to a H cup is just what you are looking for. This style comes with all the features you'd expect from extreme control and adds a few nifty tech designs for good measure: The five-part cups offer plenty of cup depth and a firm fit. There are no uncomfortable seams anywhere on the skin, special ventilation zones, a functional, doubled up shoulder straps for extra support.

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Product Description

  • Five-section outer and inner cup; no seams on the skin
  • Cooling zones a the front centre, in the structured side section and in the central panel
  • Combination of pique and mesh fabrics in the outer cup
  • Hydrophilic terry cloth in the inside cup
  • Functional, double strap combination for stable support
  • Airy mesh back strengthened with power tulle

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