It may sound really basic, but how you put your bra on can make a different to how it fits.

Before you put your bra on.

Adjust the shoulder straps so that you can fit about 3 fingers inside the doubled up section of the shoulder strap.

Tip: If trying on a bra you have at home, make sure it is one you have worn the least. Older bras will have stretched so you will not get a true idea as to what size you need

Lean forward a little and place your bust into the cups.

Tip: Doing the bra up at the front and ‘spinning’ it around to the back can stretch the bra and you wont get as much wear out of it.

Do up the back of the bra on the loosest or second loosest fitting hooks.

Tip: As you wear and wash your bra, it will start to stretch in the back. If the bra fits comfortably on the loosest fitting when you buy it, you will be able to tighten the back strap over time to ensure a continued perfect fit.

Lift and place your breasts into the cups so they fit in properly.

Tip: You may need to slip your hand into each cup and adjust each side. The wires should sit flat against your body and around the outside of each side and there should be no wrinkles in the cups.

Hold the bottom of the bra and ‘jiggle’ the bra so your bust sits in the cups properly.

Tip: Look in the mirror or feel under the cups for folds of fabric in the bottom of the cups. Pull the top of the cups gently upwards to let your bust fall to the very bottom of the cup.

Slip the straps off your shoulder and adjust them so they are not too loose or too tight.

Tip: As the bra stretches with wear, tighten the shoulder straps to suit. Once they are the right for you will will only have to adjust them as the bra gets older.

It is quite common to have one breast larger than the other—always fit to the larger side. This should not be noticeable, but if it is, try selecting a bra with stretch lace.

Always look in a mirror when trying your bra on.

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