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Bra cup size conversion made easy!
Did you know cup sizes change with a change in back size?

Forget the old wives tale of measuring cup sizes by comparing them to fruit - it just is not true!
For example.... The cup of a 10DD is much smaller than the cup of a 16DD.

    Did you know.... 

   The cup size of a 10DD bra is the same size cup as a 16B?  
   » Here is how it works.... 10DD = 12D = 14C = 16B 

It can get a little confusing, but once you understand this concept you will find changing and adjusting your bra sizes much easier!

                                     All of these cups are the same size!

All have same sized cup
Basic concept 
As the back size in increases so does the cup size 
    (For example, an E cup is bigger in a 12E than in a 10E)

It works the same in reverse......

As the back size in decreases so does the cup size
           (For example, a DD cup is smaller in a 12DD than in a 14DD)

So when you change your back size,
make sure you adjust the cup size if you need to!



The easiest way to work this out is to first work out what cup size you would need in your current back size (even if it does not fit).

For example....
If you are wearing a 12DD and the cups are bulging, you will need to go up a cup size. This would be a 12E.

However you find the 12 back is riding up, you need a smaller back size (a 10).

You will need a larger 'letter' in the size 10 back.
As the basic concept above states:
As the back size in decreases so does the cup size.
So a 10E would be too small.

You would need a 10F.
(A 10F is the same cup size as a 12E.)

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